Welcome back to know the best-written update of the most prominent television daily soup, Udaariyaan. Here, we are providing all the information related to the upcoming episode of the show. The upcoming episode of the show also bringing heat to the environment and making everyone mad. The recent episode shows Tejo asking Fateh what he is thinking.

Udaariyaan 7th August 2021

He looks at her and tells that he was just thinking that she cares a lot about everyone and wants the happiness of every person. He hugs her and she smiles. After that, some other crispy moments happened in which Saurabh leaves the home and warns Sandhu that he will regret it.

In the next scene, viewers watched that Fateh gets a call but his phone was in the room and he was with Gurpreet. Suddenly, Tejo comes to the room and sees that Fateh’s phone is ringing, she picks the call.

Let us also tell you that Fateh getting a call from Jasmin, when Jasmin hears the voice of Tejo she disconnected the call and tells that Tejo has no manners as she picks Fateh’s call without his permission. On the other hand, Tejo is in confusion and suddenly Fateh enters the room. Tejo tells him that she receives someone’s call.

Fateh asks her about the name of the person then she says Jaswinder. She further says that he did not talk about anything and disconnects the call. Tejo asks about him but Fateh tells that he is an academy guy.

Fateh sees the message of Jasmin and asks Tejo for ice cream and says that he will be going then he will get it for her. He leaves from there. Fateh talks Jasmin to the kitchen and tells her that Tejo would have known about her. Jasmin replies that she is your wife and you handle this situation.

The promo that the makers show on the official social media platform, clearly shows that the upcoming episode will show a very genuine moment and emotional conversation between Fateh and Jasmin. Fateh telling Jasmin that he will never live without her and he hugs her.

After hearing Fateh’s words Jasmin also says that she will also never live without him and her heart always beat for him. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to attract a very huge audience to watch the fantastic story. The show will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM. So, stay connected with us to get more information related to the ensuing episodes of the show.


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