We are back with the latest written update of Udaariyaan and the upcoming episode begins with Jasmine who talks to Roopi and the entire family by saying that she doesn’t want to become a reason of Tejo and Fateh’s separation. Jasmine says that she has to apologize to Fateh and his family but Roopi stops Jasmine and also asks Tejo not to go there. Roopi says that Tejo was just a stubbornness for him not love. Tejo says that she hurt him and only one time, she want to meet her. Roopi orders her not to go to them.

Udaariyaan, 7th April 2022 Written Update

Roopi gets angry over Jasmine and gets angry on her. Tejo stops Roopi and asks him to give one chance to Jasmine. Tejo says that she has to go there otherwise, the matter will be closed. Suddenly, Angad Mann comes there and says that everyone will have to think about this and she needs to go there to make him understand. Roopi gets agrees and Jasmine asks Tejo to go with her. Angad also goes with them. On the other side, Khushbir thinks about Tejo and how did he bless her. He thinks about his family.

While everyone hears the doorbell and gets shocked. Fateh sees Tejo and Jasmine at the door and Fateh asks Mahi no need to open the door. They say that they came here for apologies. Fateh sends everyone to their rooms. Another side, Satti gets tensed for Tejo and Jasmine. She says that she is calling them. But, her family denies her for doing this. Fateh sees Tejo’s face and get upset. While Angad Mann is also watching them.

Fateh goes from the hall and sees Amrik coming with a suitcase. Amrik comes to the door and opens the gate. Suddenly, Jasmine falls in the feet of Amrik and says that no one should tolerate her mistakes of her. Amrik says that yes, she should bare her mistakes. She will have to suffer from this. He says that he has taken his decision and gives him a suitcase. He asks her not to come back in this house and closes the gate.

Tejo stops Amrik and says that she is his wife of him and doesn’t do this. He says that she made a joke of his brother’s love. Amrik closes the door and goes with Fateh from there. Fateh and Tejo see each other and get upset. Later, Jasmine says that she should be with her as she is sitting in front of their gate. Suddenly, Angad stops her and says that she is taking tension that Fateh will get agree with Tejo. The Episode Ends.


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