Get ready to know the most prominent and perfectly written update of the upcoming episode. Yes, we are talking about Udaariyaan that bringing heat among several social media. The upcoming episode of the popular daily soup begins with Khushbeer asks about Fateh to Tejo.

udaariyaan 6th september 2021 episode

She says that she didn’t talk to him and goes from there to her room. After that, Tejo appearing crying of thinking Fateh, and then she recalls the words of Fateh and Jasmin. Suddenly, Fateh comes here and Tejo looks at him. After that Fateh asks her she did not sleep yet and when did she has come back.

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Tejo asks him about the party and Fateh replies that the party was amazing and he enjoyed it a lot. She further asks him did anyone not asks about her as to why his wife didn’t come to the party. Fateh replies that he already told her that no one comes with their wives as it was a boy’s party.

Fateh says she went today and she says yes it was good she went, otherwise, she missed a lot. Fateh then says at least they both enjoyed their days and it’s good. Suddenly, Tejo says a very strange thing happened at the party that makes her very upset.

She says that a guy who is married also attended the party but he was there with his girlfriend and he was behaving like she was his wife. After hearing this, Fateh goes to drink water. Tejo further says that she feels bad for his wife. Then, she says that her friend was saying that husbands are like this, a wife should be generous and accept whatever he does.

After hearing this from Tejo, the glass from Fateh’s hand drop. She walks on the broken glass and asks Fateh what did he thinks whether the wife should accept whatever her husband does or she has to do something to secure her marriage life.

Fateh says to her that she will be hurt and Tejo says that this pain is nothing compared to that girl’s pain for a wife. Later, a conversation between them becomes an argument in which Fateh also replies with some taunt on behalf of an allegation that Tejo and Buzo are in a relationship.

Now, the forthcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be actually very interesting to watch in which Tejo and Fateh will confront each other and encounter some painful points that may hurt both of them. Tonight’s episode will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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