The latest episode of Udaariyaan starts when Tejo remembers the phrases and creating some questions. Along with this, Fateh also remembers Tejo’s phrases. Jasmine comes to him and suggests the cakes. He says to her that the cakes look too lovely and we can also have a good time with wine. Does she say wine? He says that it will be fun.

Udaariyaan 6th October 2021

He throws the wine inside the vase. Tejo check time and works. Jasmin asks her that what is she doing? He says that the remaining one. She sleeps. He calls her out and says that Jassu we gave her our Canada visa and exams. He takes her and makes her sleep on the bed. Fateh gets expresso from Tejo.

She takes and says thanks to him. He asks about the time and she replies by saying 4-5 hours greater. He says to her that checks will start at 9 AM, and I will see the printing so, let hurry up. He says that he is going and calls. He asks for the assist from Navjot. Navjot says that it will impossible to create many photocopies, I will take the names of the employees.

Fathe says no, it is secret and it should be done by me and you. He calls Tejo and says that it has been done. She says Yes and he asks her to mail him as electricity is going. Navjot says that the electricity will not available for the next 2-3 hours. Tejo checks the time and it was 5 AM.

She cries and going the temple. She prays to God and says that she never ask anything from her and all my problems, I did not say anything and now, it is not about her. It’s all for the college students who have no-fault and don’t punish them because of someone’s mistake, and ask to do something.

Now, it is morning and all the students are in the college, Tejo looks at the time and sees it’s 8 AM and college students are sitting inside the examinations hall. One of them says that he will end the paper in one and half hours and cross.

Jasmin comes and Sweety asks her why did she come? She doesn’t have examination. Jasmin says that she has leaked the paper on the Internet and we should look at the result. Tejo gets insulted and it will be fun. She sees Tejo coming to her and make fun of her.

Tejo is insulted and Tejo asks to forestall the checks. The woman says that the examination has been started and the affirmation calls have been given from other colleges, the query paper has already been modified, her husband didn’t inform her. Some of the colleges have shocked after seeing the new paper.

At the end of the episode, Jasmin says that she made an amazing and terrific plan to make Tejo fall in front of everyone but Fateh ruined everything. Tejo calls cyber cell and says I there, cyber cell, I must come there with the data accountancy papers leak, and I know who did this and Jasmin gets surprised after hearing this. The Episode Ends. So, what will happen next? Tell us in the comment section.


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