Are you excited for another episode of Udaariyaan? The latest episode of the show begins with Fateh and Tejo who is talking with each other in the cafe. Fateh says that she is alive. Tejo says why are you wondering? He says that he loved her a lot and can’t forget her and therefore, he is searching for her. He saw her but he thought that she is his Tejo but it doesn’t mean. Tejo says that if she is alive so, why is she hiding from him? She says that why she lives with her family members and she loved her a lot. Why is she living here?


Tejo says that there is someone wrong that happened and because of which, she never returned to her life and left everyone. Suddenly, Fateh holds her hand and says why are you doing this Tejo how can you do this? Why is she living this life and what was the reason? Did she see something that night? He couldn’t live peacefully in these last 6 months? He says that he never comes back to her life and Tejo says that is he mad? She is not his Tejo and does not even look like her.

Everything is different from Tejo. She tells that she came with him on launch because he will feel comfortable and maybe, she did a mistake. She should not come with him and he is not accepting the reality. She asks him to don’t disturb her. Tejo goes from there and Angad thinks that something wrong is still and maybe, Tejo didn’t understand anything and will have to take action.

Another side, Mahi goes on a date and waits for the person whom she wants to meet. She is sitting alone but she gets a message and goes from there. Now, some promo videos have been circulating on social media which is revealing many more things of the upcoming episode. According to the latest promo videos, Fateh will be seen fighting with some fellows and Tejo asks him to fight with them as he can do this. Along with this, Jasmine and Amrik see Angad on the road during a roadside event.

Jasmine and Amrik sees him and says what is he doing here and if he is here so, why is he hiding from them? Angad runs from there and they both follow him. Later, Fateh comes into the alleged fight with a fellow and Tejo gets worried about him. Even, Tejo will reveal everything in front of Jasmine and Fateh that why she left them alone and living her life here. Many more things will be revealed in the upcoming episode? So, let’s wait for the tonight’s episode of Udaariyaan.


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