The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh who is shouting at Tejo and saying that his family is more important than his love. Tejo says that she wanted to tell but…. and Fateh says but what? He says that she forgave her sister but didn’t see Amrik’s tears. Khushbir comes ahead and says Sandhu Sahab, do you know about it? Satti says that they didn’t know about this. Roopi doesn’t say anything. Khusbir says that Roopi always punished his son but now, what will happen now? Tejo comes and says that she should have told everyone about this?


Tejo says that she just saw Jasmine’s happiness and she turned good for all. Tejo goes to Fateh’s mother and says that she had a big mistake but her intentions were not wrong. She asks her to believe in her. Fateh says that don’t need to say anything and she also cheated on everyone including his mother. Tejo apologizes to Khushbir and asks him to believe in her but Khushbir says that he doesn’t know what to do? Sandhu asks him to forgive Tejo and Khushbir says please, forgive us until when they have been forgiving.

Sandhu says that she was just thinking well for her sister and Khushbir replies that Fateh also wants his brother’s wealth. He always thought that Tejo was with them and he adds that the whole family is a fraud. Tejo’s mother says that they need to talk about this silently and Khusbir says that forgives his family.

Tejo says that he needs to believe in her. Fateh and Tejo’s ceremony becomes the biggest drama between the two families. Later, Jasmine tries to make understand Amrik, and she even pleads in front of him but Amrik doesn’t even want to look at her. Fateh comes outside from his car and asks Jasmine to keep away from him. Jasmine screams that she is her wife of Amrik and can’t live her like this. Fateh starts his car and goes from there.

Angad Mann sees everything and another side, Tejo cries for Fateh. Tejo is about to stop Fateh but Roopi stops Tejo and says that they are not going to stop. He adds that Fateh’s family saw flaws in their family and they will not come back. Tejo goes inside her room and on another side, Angad Mann comes to Jasmine and asks her to stop her crocodile tear. He says that it was all planned and it was not a coincidence.

Jasmine says that he is getting happy and Angad says that if he had intentions so, he could have told this before to Fateh and he knows everything about this. Angad tells everything to Jasmine that it was just a plan for her. The Episode Ends.


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