Welcome to the most reputed page to know the fresh written update of Udaariyaan. The episode that will be going to air tonight will be actually very thrilling in which all the stars appearing in very genuine roles. The upcoming episode begins with Tejo coming to her room and says her laptop.

Udaariyaan 5th October 2021

Then, she sees a fallen Pendrive of Jasmin, and then Tejo looks around. When she checked her room, she gets that the question papers are open, the battery is draining, and then she goes to get the charger. Jasmin runs outside and then Tejo says it’s 5 PM and she has to drop candy home.

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On the other hand, Gurpreet asked Candy if he again comes tomorrow, and then Candy replies that if she makes Pinniyaan again for him then she will surely come tomorrow. Then, she says sure and hugs him. After seeing this, everyone smiles, and then Tejo takes Candy with her.

Gurpreet cries and then Nimmo asks what happened. Gurpreet replies that no if everything is fine with Simran then she would have had a child of his age. Candy comes with a family pic and says he saw all of them. Simran sends him and says Tejo, he identified everyone and she is taking a big risk if he tells something, everyone.

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After hearing this, Tejo says if Gurpreet had a love for him then she will surely forgive Simran as well. On the other hand, Jasmin comes to Sweety’s house and then Sweety asks her what she is doing as she doesn’t have a laptop. Then, Jasmin says wait for some time as she is doing some important work. Tejo talks to the principal and says all preparations are done.

Tejo further says that students missed lots of classes and that’s why she set the paper easy. Just after that, the lady says she knows that she is Punjab’s best teacher as every student likes her a lot.

Tejo thanks her and says she like teaching. On the other hand, Jasmin says students are tensed about the exam. She further says they all will get some relief when she uploads the paper on the internet. Sweety asks what she leaked the accountancy exam. Sweety further says what did she do, what will happen if she gets caught. Now, what will happen in the upcoming episode will be actually exciting to watch. Udaariyaan tonight’s episode will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and many people are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode.


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