We are back with another twisting and entertaining episode of Udaaariyaan. Several viewers are eagerly waiting to watch the fantastic upcoming episode to know what will happen next in the life of Tejo and Fateh as they are going to married to each other. But, there are lots of troubles in their life to know what will happen next? Well, the makers has released some promos in which it can be seen what is going to appear in the next upcoming episode? If you are excited to know about the upcoming episode so, we are going to share the written update on April 5.


Well, Fateh will announce his separation from Tejo forever by mentioning that he doesn’t want to spend his entire life with a girl who betrayed him along with her family. He adds that no matter what happens but he will not forgive her and not even his family to let her forgive him at any cost. Let us tell you that Fateh gets a later when he was sitting on the stage with Tejo and the ceremony is about to begin but unfortunately, it happens to them and Tejo gets shocked. She even doesn’t expect that they will separate in such a manner.

Tejo asks him to reveal everything about what is he talking and also have to reveal the reason behind his decision on her and her family. He tells that everything about Jasmine and her has come in front of him. They both try to hide all those exploits which she made against his family to destroy them. He adds that if she knows about Jasmine who trapped Amrik in a fake accident so, why she did not make him familiar with that, despite knowing that he was doing his best to make him released from jail.

Tejo tries to make him understand but he stops her by saying that he doesn’t want to hear her. Along with this, he says that if Amrik didn’t do anything so, he doesn’t need to stay behind the bars. He says that he will file a complaint against Jasmine and will show this evidence to the police. He says that she will have to go to jail and she must be arrested for her crime. She has done in her past is not required any forgiveness.

Tejo tries to make him understtand but he doesn’t want to listen any one and decides to break every relationship with her. He says to Jasmine that he will see her soon. Now, there is another twist about to appear that she is pregnant and going to birth Fateh’s child. Many more twists and turns will be revealed in the upcoming episode so, get ready to watch the latest episode tonight.


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