Today, we are back with another great episode of the most prominent daily soup, Udaariyaan. So, the episode again bringing very huge heat to the audience by showing an exceptional story. The upcoming episode begins with Tejo as she decides to bring Simran back home. She says mission Simran started now and then she goes to the kitchen.

Udaariyaan 4th October 2021

When she goes to the kitchen, she sees Gurpreet there, who is making Piniya. After that, Tejo goes to her and says that it is her favorite and then Gurpreet says it’s Simran’s favorite as well. After that, Tejo packs the Piniya and says it will give it to Simran, and then Gurpreet gets happy.

Then, Tejo getting ready to go to Simran, and then she leaves. Fateh asking Jasmin about his files as she didn’t see any files anywhere. When Fateh comes outside, he collided with Tejo, and then she tells him that she mailed all the details of the students.

Fateh comes to Jasmin and tells her that he is going for a meeting. He further says that it will be great if she has also come with him. But, Jasmin says she feeling tired and she needs rest. Suddenly, she changed the topic when she sees towards Fateh.

After that, she says him that she will help the family with the household work. Fateh goes from there and then Jasmin goes behind him. Then, Jasmin asks him to spend some time with her but Fateh says her that he has lots of work to do. Khushbeer comes there and asks him to focus on his work.

Then, Jasmin gets angry and says she will do anything that will make Tejo insulted. In the next scene, we see that Tejo teaching the students and then make a call to Simran. She tells her that she has her favorite Piniya made by Gurpreet.

After hearing this, Simran says she will be there as she is getting Candy ready. On the other hand, Jasmin finding a dress to wear at her friend’s engagement. But, she realizes that she needs shopping, and then she calls Sweety and asks to join her.

Now, the upcoming episode of the daily soup will be interesting and millions of people are eagerly waiting to watch the exceptional show. Talking about tonight’s episode of Udaariyaan, then it will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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