The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh who is still looking at Tanya and trying to know how could it happen? What is she doing here? He thinks that Tejo is alive and sits in front of her. He thinks about her special moment with Tejo and how did they enjoy their life? He sits and cries by thinking about her. He says that his Tejo is alive and now, he understood why was he feeling happy after coming here. He decides that he will have to tell her everything now. Suddenly, he reaches to her and stops. They come in front of each other.

Kundali Bhagya full 4th May 2022 Written Update

Fateh hugs her and suddenly, he finds that he was dreaming. He wakes up and stops as he sees her with fire. He moves from her and takes her steps back. He reminds himself that how Tejo died in the fire incident. He thinks that she couldn’t be his Tejo. Later, Fateh comes to Jasmine and Amrik and Jasmine asks him that he saw Tejo? Fateh says that to whom she is talking about? Jasmine says that he saw her and Fateh replies how could it happen as she has died six months ago.

Jasmine says that she is Tejo and she was doing the same as Tejo. Fateh says that she can’t be Tejo and doesn’t want to accept anything. He thinks that how can she do this. Jasmine asks her to understand everything and says that she was Tejo. Jasmine asks him that they will have to find out all the hidden truths that why is she hiding. Fateh asks him to shut up and on another side, Tanya says that she needs some rest and has to go her house back as she has to go cafe tomorrow.

Another side, Angad thinks that she is Tejo and tries to understand everything that why did she do this. Fateh locks himself in the room and Amrik asks Jasmine that don’t disturb him and he couldn’t understand everything. Jasmine says that once he understands, he will also go to her to find everything. At the early morning, Fateh goes on jogging and thinks that he can’t live with this confusion. He says that he will meet her. Later, Fateh visits Tanya’s cafe and sees her from outside.

He thinks that is she Tejo? He says that he will have to find this. Tanya asks Fateh that does he wants anything? Fateh remains silent and she goes from there. Fateh sings a song for Tanya and she dances with her friend. She continuously ignores him and Fateh sees her and cries. Tanya looks at him and smiles. Everyone claps and suddenly, Fateh comes in front of Tanya and says that why does she ignores him? The Episode Ends.


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