The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with the fighting of Tejo and Fateh which was created by Jasmine. She called from Angad’s phone. Tejo says that don’t compare her with him. Fateh says that he has apologized many times and Tejo says that he didn’t do a favor. Suddenly, Angad comes and says why are they fighting with each other. He thinks that the fighting began because of him and tells them that he didn’t call Tejo and even he was shocked after seeing her number in the dialer list. Keep reading to know the written update of Today’s episode.

Udaariyaan 4th March 2022 Written Update

Angad holds her and hand also takes Fateh’s hand. Give them to each other and Jasmine gets irritated after seeing this. He says that he was drunk last night and she should not have gone to the bar at late night. Tejo says that does she has no right to go anywhere. Angad says that he doesn’t know why the manager called Tejo Ji last night instead of his family and PA. He says that he will find everything related to this matter. Jasmine sees them and curses them. Angad asks him to hold her hand and apologize to her.

Tejo is about to leave and Fateh stops her and sings a song for her. Angad goes from there. Tejo asks him no need to smile too much. Now. the makers has revealed many more things for the upcoming episode through some promo videos. Yes, the makers has released some promo video on social media which is circulating among the fans of the serial. Now, everything has been sorted between Tejo and Fateh because of Angad. Jasmine was planned to create problems between Tejo and Fateh but because of Angad, it has been sorted.

Many are expecting that what will be the next move of Jasmine because she is not going to stop to take revenge on them. For the last few days, the episode is going to excited for the fans since Tejo and Jasmine came in front of each other. Even, they have warned each to not do anything in their house. Jasmine is going to create another plan that will create some more misunderstanding between Tejo and Fateh. Well, the promo video doesn’t reveal many details about the episode.

The next move of Jasmine will pour several relations and maybe, Tejo and Fateh will see another problem in the next few episodes. With all of this, they are also planning to collect a piece of evidence against Jasmine and Amrik will prove innocent. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of the Udaariyaaan, March 4, 2022. Keep in touch with us to know more updates.


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