The most interesting tv serial Udaariyaan is here with all the entertainment. Possibly, you will see an extraordinary twist that is unexpected for you. The serial is going very well day by day. In this latest episode, you will see that jasmine decides to handshake with Angad Maan as she got acquainted with his real side.

Udaariyaan 4th January 2022

Currently, he wants to get into her life by paying any cost. The story is getting more interesting day by day and you will such massive suspense. The episode will be telecast on Colors tv and you can watch it on your television screen.

Besides all the situation you will see that Fateh will meet Tejo again but this time both will see their faces without having any obstacle, but twist arrives when Angad Maan and Jasmine see them together. But the situation gets more terrible when Angad sees Tejo with Fateh and his anger goes to the peak. He fails to control his anger and the anger is clearly seen in his eyes. Angad is afraid of losing Tejo and that’s why he is so much angry now.

Now it is the biggest hope that everything will go on the right track because Angad is attached to Tejo. Due to the love and attachment, he wants to stay with Tejo. He met as a driver and made her admitted to the hospital when she was injured due to riot. Also, he decided to hire a few goons who can break Fateh’s bones. He thinks that after the attack he will not dare to meet Tejo again. He makes calls and tries to implement the idea.

Besides all the situation you will see the family members are happy even extremely happy. Everyone is excited about the Lohri celebration. The family is waiting to start the celebration. You will see Jasmine is finding the way to enter their party to hurt Tejo. But she fails to enter the party.

It is likely that something going to happen and big which may change the current situation in the house. So according to us, you should start watching each and every episode which is filled with lots of twists. Stay tuned with us and get all the information about upcoming episode.


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