Everyone gets engaged with the brilliant daily soup Udaariyaan as the makers continuously increase the madness among the audience. Now, uncounted people eagerly waiting to watch the full episode that will be airing tonight. If you want some spoilers related to tonight’s episode then you just need to stay on the same page.

Udaariyaan 4th December 2021

The upcoming episode of the show will be highly anticipated in which some brilliant stars appear in their amazing form to entertain the entire audience. If you are ready to watch the full episode that will be going to air tonight then you just need to stay on the Colors TV.

The upcoming episode begins with Rupy telling Jasmin that he was wrong to fill the dream of her of Canada. He further says that now Fateh realizes his mistake and burnt everything that connects him or Jasmin with the Canada dream. Later, he said that he is glad to see that Jasmin learned a big lesson.

Not only this, but Rupy further says that he has ended his all ties with her a long time back but she has come back and proved that she is really selfish. He says he thinks that the family get justice before but justice has finally happened now as Jasmin got punished for her sins.

Later, he also asks Jasmin to find another shelter to live and then Jasmin rushes to Virk’s house to find out if Fateh is there to meet his family. Fateh’s grief at leaving with his family was real, as he had actually planned their separation, he had made up his mind to never return to them.

Fateh already thinks that Jasmin will sure return to Sandhu and Virk’s family to find Fateh and this is why he didn’t go both places. Along with it, he stays in the illusion that he can hide the truth from the family members.

On the other hand, Jasmin thinks if Fateh comes back home and then she secretly enters the Virk House to find him. Suddenly, Fateh gets spotted by Buzo who is shocked to see him in the village. After that, he comes to him and asks if he didn’t go to Canada with Jasmin.

Then, Fateh reveals the complete truth of the fake marriage and the fake trip plan to take revenge on Jasmin. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be actually very interesting to watch in which some brilliant moments will be going to amuse all the watchers.


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