One of the most anticipated and prominent television daily soups is on the way to entertain everyone by showing another episode tonight. Yes, the name of the show is Udaariyaan that bringing heat among the audience and also engaging millions of people to watch the show. The upcoming episode begins with Mahi coming to Tejo to know complete details about the matter.

Udaariyaan 4th August 2021

Suddenly, the card falls down and Tejo everything is fine as she is just worried about Fateh. Mahi asks why then Tejo replies that he appearing worried these days and behaves strangely. Mahi again asks her that they both went for a nightout.

Tejo denies saying that he is avoiding her and then Mahi tells her to talk to him directly as he loves her a lot. After that, Tejo also agreed with her words and she is ready to talk to him directly. Suddenly, they both hear Gurpreet shouting and they run to see what happened. They see that Gurpreet got an asthma attack and she falls on the floor. Tejo calls Fateh and tells him everything that happened with Gurpreet. After hearing this, Fateh says that he is coming with medicine and a pump.

Also, he tells Jasmin that he can’t come, and then Jasmin comes out of the car and says Aunty had to get the attack this time. She sits back in the car and says the driver to get back home. The same, Gippy is secretly watching Jasmine and says why is she going back as she will not leave them so easily. In the next scene, Tejo cares for Gurpreet and Fateh looks at her. Then, Tejo says that she will sleep here as uncle is not at home right now. Also, Doctor asks to check her breathing and temperature every hour.

After that, she also gives her medicines. Then, Gurpreet tells Tejo to inform Biji that Nimmo will come in the morning. Tejo goes to the kitchen and starts work then Fateh comes there. After Tejo sees Fateh, she asks him what happened, he holds her hands and says that she has a very huge heart.

He further says that Mummy is always upset with her but even she cares for her. He hugs her and says she is a very good person. The episode that will be going to air tonight will be actually very entertaining and exciting to watch. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and everyone is waiting to watch the complete episode tonight.


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