Today, we are going to talk about one of the most trending and prominent daily soups, Udaariyaan. So, the name is widely famous in the television world. The upcoming episode begins with some great turns and twists in which all the stars appear in some amazing characters. The story of the show already making everyone eager to watch the upcoming episode in which the upcoming turns will increase everyone’s interest.

udaariyaan 3rd november 2021

The previous episode already enhanced the madness among the audience and bring some major moments to engage more viewers. Many people already watching the episodes and waiting for the upcoming one.

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The upcoming episode begins with Tejo saying Fateh deserves to know the real truth of Jasmin. She says he should make a serious decision to marry her or not after knowing the actual truth of Jasmin. Not only this but she further tells that when Fateh will get to know that she isn’t worthy of him, he will not marry Jasmin.

As we can clearly see that Tejo eagerly wants to tell Fateh about the numerous evils of Jasmin and she knows that Jasmin isn’t in control of Fateh. After so many efforts, Tejo also gets evidence against Jasmin.

She realizes that Jasmin is once again using Fateh for her evil plan. Currently, the story that engages many people to watch the ensuing episode shows that Jass laughing at Tejo. Everyone is dancing with Angad but suddenly, we can see that Fateh and Jasmin argue with each other.

Jasmin says that Fateh is only worrying for the academy and Tejo, not her. On the other hand, Jass says that he will burn it to the ashes but Tejo stops him. Then, Fateh says he is doing all these things for Jasmin and their future as he loves her a lot.

Suddenly, Jass burns the entire place and Tejo gets shocked. She runs and then Jass runs after her. Then, Fateh hears about the fire. Now, what will happen next is actually interesting to watch as the show is going on very well.

A number of people are continuously watching every episode of the show daily. We are also extremely waiting to watch what will happen in the next episode. The episode that will be airing tonight of Udaariyaan will be going to hit the television screens at 7 PM on Colors TV.


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