The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan has come with some of the latest moments for the fans and they are excited to watch the upcoming episodes of the show. Well, here are lots of things to watch in the upcoming episode but viewers are extremely waiting to know that what will happen soon? As we know that Fateh, Amrik, Jasmine, and Angad are now aware that Tejo is alive but we don’t know that who is she? is she Tejo or Tanya? Lots of mystery are showing the presence of upcoming twists and turns and fans are eagerly waiting to know what will happen next?

Udaariyaan 3rd May 2022 Written Update

As we have seen in the previous episode that Fateh, Amrik, and Jasmine went to London’s Palace where they enjoy themselves a lot with each other, and when Fateh sits alone and requests Baba Ji to forgive her for everything, suddenly, Fateh saw Tanya and felt confused for her. He thought that she is still alive and maybe, she saved herself from the incident. Fateh thought that what is she doing here and what was the actual reason behind Tejo’s death? He is confused regarding to Tejo and how could she be alive?

Along with this, viewers are also confused that who is she because the makers didn’t reveal anything about this and maybe, Tanya aka Tejo is playing a game against everyone as she doesn’t want to reveal herself in front of anyone because she is living her life peacefully with her friends and family. According to the sources, the rumors are believing that she is not Tejo because at the last time of her, she was pregnant and it has been six months since her disappearance.

Well, the upcoming episode is all set to entertain the watchers because something interesting is about to begin. The promo videos show that Fateh will receive a call from Bojo who is trying to tell him something about Tejo’s incident. Maybe, Bojo know about the incident that how Tejo died? Along with this, Fateh will receive a Pendrive where he sees footage of Tejo’s incident in which, it was revealed that Angad Mann was the one who killed Tejo? He tried to burn Tejo alive so, she can die? Fateh gets angry over this. Well, it will be interesting to watch that what was the next plan of Fateh and what will he do to take revenge from Angad Mann?


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