Here we are back with the latest episode of Udaariyan. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. This serial is going well with great TRP, this serial is very famous and [popular among people. This serial comes on the Colors TV channel on television. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Jasmine entering the bar and she orders something. Angad noticed Jasmine and he says to her that she is stocking him. Jasmine says she has come here to meet someone. Angad says that he does not make her friend. Here we have more information related to the episode we will share with you, keep reading.

Jasmine meets Sweety and asks her to sit. Sweety feels scared thinking if her parents catch her to meet the jasmine. Then jasmine tells her dont scared and nothing will happen. She sends sweety to the washroom, she says she needs a touch-up. Then Jasmine notices the waiter and he comes with water, Jasmine makes him fall down when Angad talked with his friend. Jasmine spikes Angad’s drink. She says she is taking revenge on him, she thinks that whatever she doing with Angad. It will also affect Tejo. Keep reading.

Jasmine comes back with Sweety. Sweety asks Jasmine what is going on in her mind then Jasmine says to sweety that she is the only one who understands her. After that she goes to the bar once again and does something with Angad’s phone. Angad falls down after his drink. Jasmine leaves the place with Sweety. Tejo takes Angad’s call and a waiter tells her about Fateh’s condition. Tejo tells the waiter she will try to do something. Tejo tries to make calls to Fateh but Jasmine already put his phone on silent. Jasmine also locks his door, keeps reading.

Tejo enters his room but he is unable to wake up. Then she went alone to pick him up. Tejo gives support to him and enters the house. Fateh woke up when Jasmine throws a stone at Fateh’s room door. He enters his room and sees Tejo and Angad. Fateh asks her what is she doing with Angad this time. Jasmine smirks. Fateh asks why the waiter called her. She says that he had seen her name first that’s why. Tejo tells him that she called him several times but he didn’t wake up. Khushbeer says that she did right. Fateh gets jealous seeing Tejo taking care of Angad. Stay tuned for more updates.


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