The story of Udaariyaan is going on very well and entertaining all the people a lot. Everyone knows that the show is continuously rolling over millions of hearts of the audience. The daily soup continuously gains lots of love from the audience. The upcoming episode of the show will be very interesting in which all the stars appear in their brilliant form and entertain everyone a lot.

Udaariyaan 3rd December 2021

The upcoming episode of the show begins with Angad feeling Tejo’s grief. He finds her really upset and asks her to reconsider her decision if she really wants to leave the village, her family, and Fateh.

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On the other hand, Jasmin returns to Sandhu’s house with her broken dreams. She meets Rupy and confesses to him. She seems absolutely shattered after Fateh’s betrayal. Rupy learns what Fateh has done to Jasmin. He feels that his oath has hit him and has really ruined his happiness.

Fateh also broke down. He walks down the street in a lost state of mind. He falls down and cries. Along with it, Jasmin also doesn’t want Fateh to know about Tejo and Angad’s fake engagement. She thinks if Fateh gets to know that Tejo sacrifices for him, he unites back with her.

In the next scene, we can see that Fateh regretting to allowing Jasmin to do wrong with Tejo because he had never seen Jasmin’s truth. Later, he decides to never forgive her. He feels that he lost his life just because of Jasmin who played with his emotions and heart.

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He thinks that the punishment he gave to Jasmin is not enough for her. Now, he wants to stay away from Tejo to give punishment to himself as well. Later, he doesn’t think that he will meet Tejo again and then he visualize Tejo and thinks if she is really with him.

After that, Fateh meets Rupy and apologizes to him as well for the fake marriage drama. He tells Rupy that he is facing some faults with Jasmin as well. Not only this, but he further says that he fake his marriage with Jasmin only for Tejo’s sake.

He further says that he just wants Tejo’s happiness with Angad. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will actually be worth watching in which all the stars appear in a very genuine form and amuse all the watchers by adding some brilliant turns and twists in the story.


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