We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan and the fans are too excited to watch the new journey of Fateh and Tejo. The episode begins with Tejo who saw a man with a knife and asks him that did he take a knife in his bag? Has he a knife? Who is he and many more questions? Suddenly, Jasmine comes there and describes him as a cook that mom told her that he is a very good cook and therefore, she called him here. Jasmine goes from there and Tejo thinks that something wrong is here as Jasmine is scared and in a hurry that never appeared.


Angad meets his friend Sugandha and gets happy. He says that everyone is her fan and they will have to surprise them. Sugandha dances on the floor and everyone enjoys it. Tejo and Jasmine also join her and enjoy the Holi festival together. Nimo comes there and meets everyone there. She says that Swaryan has been changed since Kawal Ji named his will and everything to her. Another side, Jasmine meets the guy and asks him to show their things. The man shows her and Jasmine checks everything. She takes a knife from him and says that he will have to do this behind the area.

While Angad hears everything by hiding backside and later, everyone dances with Sugandha on the stage it will be interesting to watch the next episode because of the popular Punjabi singer Sugandha who is going to become a part of the trending serial. Angad hears the waiter saying that the drinks are mixed with something and say that he will have to give Bhang to Jasmie so, she will open up her quietness and will reveal everything.

Angad goes to the waiter and asks him to give these medicines to Jasmine. Suddenly, someone calls the waiter and takes the glass from him which was given to Jasmine. Angad comes to Jasmine and says that everything is going well. Angad tries to ask her about the reality but Jasmine doesn’t want to tell him anything. She adds whatever she is thinking about but he always says wrong. Everyone drinks Bhang in the function and gets drunk. Fateh and Angad also drink Bhang and Tejo tries to stop him.

Tejo says that he can’t drink this and if he will do this so, she will drink two glasses. Tejo also drinks Bhang and everyone gets excited to see her. Fateh gets shocked and dances with her. Everyone enjoy the festival and Angad keeps his eye on Jasmine who is also drinking bhang. Fateh and Tejo play Holi together and gets romantic. The Episode Ends.


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