In the latest episode of Uddariyan as of August 31, in the latest episode, we will see that Fatel tells Jasmine that she is going to apply for a visa and Jasmine says that she is happy because she got her love back. While Fateh says that don’t try to do any mistakes.

Udaariyaan 31st August 2021

Tejo is wandering in the garden and thinks that how to asks that what she wants. Fateh returns home and Tejo asks him that why is he not picking her calls. Fateh says that at least let him come inside the house and she says that she just wants her answer.

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Fateh tells her that he went for lunch with a client and she made a big issue with this. Tejo says that it was not a big or small thing that thing is that why he always does this with her. Fathe says that he doesn’t need to give any explanation.

Tejo forces him to asks what is the problem but Fateh sits in his car and goes away. On the other side, Jasmine is happy because Fateh is ready to go with her to Canada. Now, she thinks that there is no need to share him with anyone and he is only hers.

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Later, Sweety comes to Jasmine and asks that why did she call her immediately? Jasmine holds her hand and dances. Dadi comes there and says that after very long days, she sees Jasmine in happiness.

Jasmine says that is why she should not happy. Dadi blesses her and Sweety says that she know about it and Jasmine says that he is a boy and but doesn’t know that the boy is Fateh. Sweety says that Fateh’s family will get happy after knowing this. Jasmine says that she doesn’t care about anyone.

Tejo is on the way to find Fateh but Khusveer says that he went off earlier. Later, he called for bringing some documents in which he needs some documents. On the other side, Jasmine planned a surprise for him. Fateh denies cutting the cake and Jasmine says that why is upset or in bad mood. Fateh says that if she has an affair so, she won’t be asked this question.

Between all of this, Tejo gets documents of Fateh and Jasmine and Fateh brings Jasmine to Bujjo’s near house. Tejo calls Bujjo and says that she has Candy’s favorite chocolate and asks for him to bring college side. Bujjo went outside to meet Tejo and Fateh follows him. Jasmine asks Fateh that why he always worried about Tejo. The Episode Ends.


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