The previous episode of Udaariyaan already increases the madness among the audience. The show is actually going on very well in which all the characters give their best in the lead roles. The upcoming episode begins with Gurpreet asking Fateh to have some juice as he can’t stay hungry.

Udaariyaan 30th October 2021

Later, he asks why can’t he keep the fast when she and Jasmin can keep the fast then he will also keep the fast. Suddenly, Tejo comes and asks Gurpreet to see the things they got, and then Gurpreet goes. Then, Mahi says he knows what’s Jasmin doing and he is sitting hungry for her.

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After that, Fateh asks what did she do and then she shows him as she is eating Golgappas and pretending to keep the fast for him. Then, he says everyone knows she is kiddish and she can’t stay hungry, and it’s fine.

After hearing this, she asks seriously and then gives him juice to drink as she made him hungry here and eating Golgappas there. He further says it’s fine and don’t tell this to anyone. Later, she taunts him and says is trying to win their hearts.

Then, Jasmin comes there and Fateh asks where were her. Jasmin replies that she went to the market to purchase matching bangles with her dress. She further says she is looking so good. Then, Fateh asks her to go out and have some food but Jasmin replies that if he has gone mad. She says it’s their Karwachauth Fast and they can’t eat anything. Fateh thinks why she is not saying the truth now. Fateh says Jasmin keeping fast for him and no one will know it. Jasmin says it’s Karwachauth Fast and they both have to keep it.

She further says, she is hungry but she didn’t drink a drop of water, and it’s a matter of a few hours. After that, they both will open their fast and eat food. She says him that she will go to prepare the Pooja Thaal and Fateh thinking why is Jasmin lying to him. After that, Jasmin gets ready and comes in front of everyone.

Now, what will happen next is actually interesting to watch as the story is going on interesting. A number of people are waiting to watch the full episode in which Jasmin and Fateh take Karwachauth Fast for each other but Jasmin eats Golgappas. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and it will be exciting to watch what will happen next.


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