The latest episode of Udaariyaan is coming with another episode of the day. Most of the fans are waiting to watch the next episode and as we have been watching every single episode of the serial comes with twisting and turning points. Now, another episode of the serial comes with Tejo who is upset and suddenly, she sees Fateh with his family on the Holi function. Fateh dances for her and she feels good after seeing him in the function. While Angad is keeping his eye on Jasmine and waiting for her next move. Fateh brings Tejo for the dance and Roopi sees this and gets angry but doesn’t say anything to anyone.

Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Written Update

Suddenly, Tejo reminds the swear of Roopi and feels upset. Everyone keeps quiet and Roopi holds Fateh and Tejo’s hands and gives them to each other. Roopi says that it took time to understand that the knot tied by God can never be broken by anyone. Fateh tells Tejo that Yes, Uncle has forgiven him. Roopi said that he got to know that he loves Tejo a lot. He said to Roopi that he will never do this again and fulfill her every wish to keep her happy.

Roopi says that if he will do this again so, no one is worst than him. Angad comes to them and congratulates them for their happiness. Tejo’s family asks them to start the prayer for their life. Tejo and Fateh gets happy and he fills his hairlines with Sindoor. Later, Angad comes to Jasmine and says that she is an excellent actress. Jasmine says what does it mean? Angad says that by creating an excellent plan, she found a fake priest, creates a fake Kundali, and sent the note to Roopi so, everyone will think that everything is wrong.

Jasmine says that if she can think that it happened because of her so, who sent the note to Roopi. Angad says that she did wrong to both families. Jasmine asks him to cry because Tejo is going to be someone’s today. Along with this, here are lots of things to watch in the upcoming episode wherein the celebration of Holi, Jasmine calls some people with knives and maybe, she has some wrong plans against everyone. Suddenly, Tejo sees a person who is keeping a knife in his bag and says that why he has a knife at the Holi party? She continuously asks questions to him and asks why does he take this knife to the party? Stay tuned for more updates here.


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