Again, we are back with another enthralling episode of the most popular television daily soup, Udaariyaan. As everyone knows that the show is going on very well and entertaining the entire fans by showing some mind-blowing episodes. The upcoming episode begins with Jasmin saying that she is going shopping. As it is appearing that everyone in the home is busy and Tejo says that she will also come with Fateh to Chandigarh. She further says we both meet him and come back together. They leave the place and then Tejo thank God for meeting with Fateh.

udaariyaan 30th July 2021

Tejo further says that whatever you wear, you look beautiful every time. As we have already seen in the last episode that Tejo gets the truth that Fateh is still connected with Jasmin and she is in confusion to know the truth about what is going between them.

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The upcoming episode coming with lots of turns in which Fateh trying to handle the situation and make Tejo again believe in him. Jasmin and Fateh made a plan to go to Chandigarh to spend some time with each other and when Tejo gets that Fateh is going to Chandigarh then she tells him that she will also go with him.

In the next scene, Jasmin tries to call Fateh but his line is busy as he is on a call with Tejo. Tejo forces him to get finish the meeting and meet her and she further says that they can send Jasmin by cab, they both spend time with each other and having some dinner. Fateh denies all this and says that he has a meeting and he is getting a call.

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He disconnected the call and pick Jasmin’s call. Before picking the call, he thinks how much more he lies to Tejo. After that, Jasmin asks him why his phone is busy and then he replies that he talking to Tejo.

Later, Fateh tells her that Tejo wants to spend some time with him but he denies it by saying he is busy and also he says to Jasmin to go to the mall with her. Jasmin says no as she wants to meet Fateh somehow. But, Fateh says that Tejo is his wife and he can’t do this. Later, Jasmin says just meet me as she feels unconscious after taking some medicines.

Now, it will be actually very interesting to watch the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan as the show is actually going on very well. The show will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and millions of people are eager to know about it. So, stay connected with us as we will update the fresh written update of the upcoming episodes of the show.


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