Today, we are going to talk about one of the most prominent television show named Udaariyaan. Yes, the show is going on very well and making everyone eager to watch the upcoming episode of the show. We know that the story is enhancing the craze among the audience to watch the upcoming episode.

Udaariyaan 2nd November 2021

Recently, the makers add some great turns and twists in which the story becomes very interesting that bringing the heat all over the country. The show has an immense fanbase in which all the people keenly waiting to watch the upcoming episode.

The upcoming episode begins with Jasmin leaving Fateh embarrassed. On this side, Tejo gets angry at Fateh to spoil the entire day. Fateh vents his anger on Jasmin for ruining the special party and harassing them. Jasmin tells that she had a purpose of marrying him, leaving no option for her when her family refused to attend her engagement.

She accuses Fateh and Tejo of forcing her to take this step. Angad forgives Tejo and takes her with him. Tejo feels very low. Khushbeer and Rupy stop Jasmin and scold her for the drama. Jasmin regrets seeing their hatred.

Jass comes there again and takes Fateh. He takes Fateh to tell the truth about Jasmin. Fateh did not hear anything from him. He just fights with Jass and doesn’t give her a chance to talk. Jass tells her that he has not come to harm anyone but just tell the truth. Fateh does not listen to him at all.

Jas wanted to tell the truth about Jasmin but in vain. There he faints. Fateh locks him up and informs the police about his attack. Later, he asks the inspector to just come and take Jass away without letting anyone know.

After that, Fateh goes back to Tejo and hides about Jass. On the other hand, Angad makes Tejo happy and gets blessed by the families. Later, Tejo goes for her performance but her performance turns into a competition by Jasmin. Jasmin wants to prove that she is better than Tejo in every matter. Later, Jasmin wants Fateh to join the stage but he refuses.

Now, what will happen next is actually interesting to see. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the trending daily soups.


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