We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh who is sitting in Tanya’s cafe where she is working. Fateh is unable to see Tanya’s picture on the wall and goes back to Jasmine and Amrik. They see him and think that why is he reacting like this that nothing happened? Fateh asks them where did they go? Jasmine tells him that they went for shopping and tries to asks him that did he meet Tanya in the cafe? Fateh tells that the staff was good and everything was fine but don’t talk about Tejo.


Jasmine and Amrik get shocked and Fateh goes from there. Jasmine calls to the cafe where she gets to know that Tanya didn’t come yet and they can meet her til tomorrow. Later, a scarf stucks in Fateh’s bag and he walks the road. While Tanya is also coming on the same road. Amrik and Jasmine also coming from the other side. But, Fateh couldn’t see her and felt Tejo’s presence. He sees the scarf and takes it in his hand. Another side, Tanya reaches her cafe and asks about the scarf.

Fateh thinks that the scarf will remain with him. Later, he gets a call from Bojo and tells them that they were behaving strangely. Bojo asks Fateh did he tell someone? Fateh asks Bojo to don’t tell anyone. Fateh thinks that he is feeling happy. Another side, Khushbir reaches Sandhu’s office and Sandhu welcomes him here.

Khushbir says that he thought he is a good man but he is establishing a chemical factory in the village. Sandhu is unaware of this and Khusbir says that his nephew, Abhiraj is involved in this. Khushbir blames Sandhu that what was his gratification? Roopi gets angry and says how can he say this? Roopi calls Abhiraj and gets angry with him. Roopi says that the public chose him and he will have to work for them. Khushbir thanks Roopi Sandhu and says that he helped everyone.

In London, Amrik and Jasmine meet Fateh in the morning and Fateh says that he is feeling well here. Jasmine says that he doesn’t want to have Pratha and wants to go to the same cafe. Fateh says that they can have this and can’t go outside. Amrik says that they should go to the same cafe and they leave. They find that the cafe is closed and goes to visit London’s places. Suddenly, Angad comes there and says that they should go behind Amrik and Jasmine. Fateh is going to the same place where Tanya is also visiting with her freinds. The Episode Ends.


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