Udaariyaan, the upcoming episode of the serial begins with lots of twists and turning points because Tejo promised to Fateh and Roopi that she will throw Jasmine within 7 days out of the house no matter what happens. She will live along with them for a long time and maybe, she will not stop herself to create problems in their lives. At any cost, she will find some specific strong evidence against her and will her behind bars while releasing Amrik from the jail. They know that he didn’t do anything.

Udaariyaan, Today's Episode 2nd March 2022 Written Update

With this, Roopi says to her that she needs to be more careful about this because Jasmine is too clever and knows how to keep away any problem. Tejo makes her believe that being a sister of Jasmine she knows everything along with those facts which could be proven harmful for Jasmine. She will trap her in her own plans. She adds that she will come to her home after defeating Jasmine. Before that, she will not show her face in front of them. Roopi gives her a blessing and advised her that tell everything to Fateh so, he could help her at any situation.

Later, she goes to Fateh and tells everything to her after sharing the plans with him which she discussed with Roopi. During this, Fateh advises him that she need to keep her eyes on the activity of Jasmine because they will have to know everything about her from her room. Definitely, she is hiding something that is helping her in such a manner to expose her.

Tejo says that whenever she goes somewhere, she locked her room first and then leaves so, no one could enter inside her room. Fateh says nothing matters, and they will have to enter her room. With all of these, we have also seen in the previous episode that Jasmine decided to kill Fateh and Tejo at any cost because they are becoming a wall in her way. Therefore, she hired a man who can easily execute her plan against the two.

Until, they will follow her, she can’t do anything against the Virak family so, she will have to remove them first from her way at any cost. Along with this, she got know about the recording which Tejo has so, this is the main reason that Jasmine is taking these steps to do all these things. So, let’s wait what will be seen in the latest episode tonight.


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