The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Jasmine who is going toward Fateh’s room to find out the letter which was given to Amrik but unconditionally, the letter reached to Fateh’s room and she is going to find the same letter. At the same time, Fateh is finding his phone in the room and when he goes to the hall to find his phone, Jasmine comes into his room and tries to find out. Suddenly, Fateh comes there and asks the reason to be there. She says that mummy ji sent her to take the size of his finger for a ring.

Udaariyaan 2nd April 2022 Written Update

Jasmine says that she needs to do this urgently and Fateh says that they are going to meet the jewelry shops and she will give this to them. Jasmine is about to leave and Fateh stops her. He says that they need to maintain a distance between them to stay away from each other. Everyone could think wrong about them once again. Jasmine says that it was Tejo who told you to say this. Fateh says that she doesn’t even know this and she was the only one who helped her in any situation.

Jasmine thinks that Fateh didn’t get the letter yet and before he get this, she has another chance to find it. She leaves the room and later, Fateh calls Tejo to talk to her. He says that he wants to talk to his wife and Tejo says that he is talking with a soul of Tejo. They both are excited about their wedding and Fateh says that he has to meet her.

Fateh arranges everything as he wants to meet her alone. Fateh thinks that will Tejo tell him what was Angad doing there? Fateh thinks that it was a matter to the explanation so, she could tell him easily. While, Jasmine is scared of this and says that if Fateh will get to know that Tejo lied to him so, he will not forgive her.

Another side, everyone thinks that there was an involvement of Nimo in the matter of their family. While everyone reaches for shopping and Fateh and Tejo see each other. Their family says that they both can go for shopping but in their own way. In the house, Jasmine goes inside Fateh’s room but until the kids take out the letter from the room to play with it.

Jasmine also finds in other rooms but doesn’t get the letter. She gets confused and prays to God that she has found it in his house but didn’t get yet. She thinks that because of her mistake, everything will be spoiled between two families. The Episode Ends.


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