Udaariyaan is the most popular television serial and having good TRP throughout the journey. It is one of the amazing serials which have a love story as well as brilliant suspense. Here in this article, you will know about the episode even its upcoming thriller suspense-filled twists and turns.

udaariyaan 29th september 2021

Definitely, you will enjoy these twists and get an extreme level of enjoyment through this upcoming episode. SO let’s begin the written update which includes various facts about this fresh episode of September 29. You can watch the show on Colors Tv at tonight.

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The episode starts with Simran when she is saying Gurpreet won’t be fine until Fateh comes back. She telling that Gurpreet is feeling depressed and her condition may remain same until Fateh comeback to home safely. Tejo comes and tells me that I know you are upset with me but I want to request you and want a promise from you to help me finding Fateh.

Tejo tells that I promised I will definitely bring Fateh back to the home. Khushbeer says you sent Tejo to find Fateh. You have no emotions. Kushbeer says you don’t know what are things Tejo going through right now. She asks Gurpreet to stay strong and face this situation with power and courage. Very soon everything will go fine. She says behind all this there is Rupy who is the reason behind this situation and because of her, the house going breaking.

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Tejo says I don’t think that they will go anywhere nearby. Buzo says that they are planning to somewhere. Possibly they will go to Chandigarh. Fateh Thinks of Gurpreet. Jasmin asks him to come and have food. He says I am not feeling hungry. So no worry. He says I think Mum is hungry.

Gurpreet says I will not eat and drink anything until Fatej come back home. Just moments later Biji comes to the place and tells everyone that I will feed her don’t worry about it. She goes to the place and tells Gurpreet that don’t be childish and eat something. Trust me Fateh will come back safely you don’t need to harm yourself.

To watch the serial you need to go Colors Tv channel. The episode will be telecast tonight so get ready to watch the episode. Share your feedback with us and tell us your experience after watching this tv serial. We will try to solve your query immediately.


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