Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan enhances the level of excitement among the viewers. The TRP of the show always remains on the top and increases the madness among the audience to watch the upcoming episode of the show. Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode of the show as the makers always bring some great turns and twists.

Udaariyaan 29th October 2021

Just because of these moments and interesting stories, the viewership of the show continuously increases the number of people regularly watching the episode to know the full story. Here, we are providing all the information related to the upcoming episode.

The episode begins with Tejo saying she is Rukmani Kohli and he married her 7 years back. Along with it, they have a son also and then Jass says she is her friend. After that, Rukmani slaps him and asks him do he remember now as she is his wife and his child’s mother. Then, Tejo asks is this also some fake story.

She asks the inspector to check the marriage certificate and the birth certificate of the child. When the inspector says take him then Jass says he will come back and ruin everyone’s life. Then, Jasmin also says that he will not sit quietly.

After that, Tejo thanks Rukmani and then she leaves, and then Tejo asks Fateh if he is fine. Then, he nods, and then she thanks him. Jasmin comes and hugs Fateh and asks him about his health and then Tejo leaves. When Fateh sees that Tejo is leaving, he stops and asks her where she is going. Tejo replies that she is going police station as she has to get her father released. Fateh says he will also come with Tejo and then Jasmin asks him to come. After that, Fateh says Jasmin to take the car and go home.

Fateh further says that he will come later. When Jasmin hears this, she gets angry. Now, what will happen next in the story will be worth watching and many people are continuously waiting to watch the full story of the episode. The upcoming episode will be actually highly anticipated to watch and the story is all set to take some major turns and twists that enhance the madness among the audience. So, Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and you can easily watch the full episode tonight.


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