If we talk about the trending and popular serials of ColorsTV so, Udaariyaan always appears in the top 5 shows of recent days. The serial has been engaging huge popularity around the world and fans are too excited to watch the next episode once again. In the previous days, we have been watching some of the best moments in the show and soon, many more things is about to reveal to the fans. Well, the turning points have been seen in the latest promo videos in which, the reality of Jasmine is about to reveal in front of everyone once again.

Udaariyaan 29th March 2022 Full Written Update

Most of the fans were assuming that after the tragic accident of Tejo, Jasmien, Fateh, and Amrik, Jasmine has realized that she was doing wrong to everyone and will help Tejo to meet Fateh. But unfortunately, everything has changed when Roopi gets a note in which it was written that if Tejo and Fateh will get married so, one of them will die. After reading this, Roopi gets angrier and decides to take Fateh out of Tejo’s life. He called him outside his tent and asks him to forget his daughter and leave this place.

Now, some promo videos has been released on the Internet which is revealing the untold truth of the serial. Many are thinking that Jasmine has been changed and she is helping Tejo let her with Fateh but she is playing her evil plan against Tejo and Fateh. She was the only one who created a fake note for Fateh and Tejo and even appointed a fake priest who told everything to Bojo that if they will get married to one of them will die.

In another promo video, it can be seen that Angad get to know the reality of Jasmine and says that she is a better actress. She planned everything and appointed a fake priest who can be told Bojo that if Tejo and Fateh will get married so, one of them will die. She also made a note and at any cost, she sent a note to Roopi who got angry and separated Fateh and Tejo. Well, it will be interesting to watch what will happen next because Angad has known everything about Jasmine and she is scared that he will tell this to Tejo and Fateh.

Maybe, Angad will help Jasmine to get Tejo in his life and Fateh will never get to know about this matter. Along with this, Fateh have been taken to his house as he got unconscious. Many more things is about to reveal in the latest episode of Udaariyaan so, stay tuned with us to know more details here.


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