Again, we are back with another great episode of Udaariyaan in which the makers add some more turns and twists that heat up the entire environment. The show already enhanced the eagerness among the audience to watch the upcoming episode and the TRP of the show always remains on the top.

Udaariyaan 28th October 2021

The upcoming episode will bring the heat all around the country and be engaging a number of people to watch the full episode in which Jass is doing everything to get Tejo. On the other hand, Jasmin also doing some tricks to make the trouble bigger for Tejo.

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The episode begins with Jasmin saying she has to keep an eye on Fateh as she wants to know everything, where he goes, whom he meets. She calls Fateh and says she doesn’t know where did he go. Suddenly, she sees a picture in which Fateh is at gunpoint, and she gets shocked.

She calls Jass and scolds him for Kidnapping Fateh but he clarifies that he is not playing any game with Fateh as he is trying to spoil Jass’s plan. He further says that Jasmin advises him to run away, he is preparing to run away by taking money.

He says her to give him 75 Lakhs if she wants to save Fateh’s life. She says how will she get money for him as the amount is actually big. He says from the same place where she was going to get it but she says that she will give anything to him once he married Fateh.

She further says that Tejo is out of her life but Jass says Jasmin is a very big fool who is thinking that Tejo is out of her life. He says the marriage of Fateh and Jasmin will not happen as he tells the complete truth to Tejo and she is the only one who can do anything to save Fateh.

After hearing this from Jass, she says no and asks him to give her some time. She further says don’t do anything to Fateh and then he says to give money and take Fateh. Suddenly, Khushbeer comes and asks her what happened, who was she is talking to. Now, what will happen next is the big suspense of the story and

you can watch the full story tonight on television screens. So, Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and just stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming episodes of the show.


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