In the recent days, Udaariyaan has become one of the most trending and popular shows among the watchers who love to watch the drama that includes family, love, and enemies. Here are lots of serials running on the screens but Udaariyaan is one of the most popular serials in recent days that includes everything. People are continuously talking about the latest episode of the serial and in the previous episodes, we have seen lots of things. Currently, several upside-downs have been taking place in the serial.


After the biggest problems between Tejo and Fateh, many more problems have been taking place between their relation. It seems that the people are getting excited to watch the latest episode of the serial and if we talk about the previous episode so, here are lots of things to watch. The serial has already engaged a huge fan base and maybe, the fans need to wait for the next episode which means Monday’s episode. The makers always release the promo videos of the upcoming episode but this time, there is no any video that reveals the latest episode of the day week. Here, we are going to share the latest update of the upcoming episode so, keep reading this article.

As we have seen in the previous episodes that Fateh has set up a tent in front of Roopi house to win his heart and can marry Tejo in the sake of his love. But still, Roopi is angry with him and can’t it happen. He says that until he alive, he will not happen this once again and he is not a guy for his daughter who spoiled his life before, and once again, he is going to do this. He can’t believe on him again.

Everyone knows that Fateh’s love for Tejo is uncountable and Tejo also loves him equally. Along with this, Roopi got to know about the Kundali of Tejo and Fateh that reads if they will get married in the future, one of them will definitely die. Roopi came outside his house and warns Fateh to get out from here and still Fateh is continuously apologizing to him. Many more unpredicted moments will take place in the latest episode and the main lead, Jasmine is going to show her real face once again.

Yes, Jasmine was just pretending that she has forgotten everything but still, she has evil plans against Tejo and Fateh. According to the latest promo videos, the episodes show how Jasmine will take revenge on Tejo. During the Holi festival, Tejo and Fateh can be seen spending their quality time with each other, and with this, Jasmine can be seen taking a knife and saying that she will take her revenge and will see how will she celebrate the Holi festival? If you are also excited to watch the upcoming episode, stay tuned with us to know more updates.


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