Jasmin and Fateh are talking about their future together. Jasmin said that I don’t care about consequences and I want to be with you. Fateh says I will never leave you alone, I have always wished for you. She says that I love you too and I don’t care about anyone and I don’t want to wear the engagement ring of Guppy’s name in my hand. Fateh ties her duppatta thread to her finger. Mami looks for Jasmin and knocks on her door. She goes inside and sees that Jasmin is not in the room. Jasmin also toes a golden thread in her finger. They hold each other hands and Fateh suddenly sees that Mami is coming to see Jasmin. Fateh hides and asks Jasmin to go inside her room.

Udaariyaan 28th July 2021 Written Update

Jasmin says that I want to see your love only. Fateh is worried about Tejo and thinks that how would he face her. Jasmin goes to her room and Mami asks her where have you been. What are you planning to do? Jasmin says that everyone will watch what is going to happen. Mami says that there is still some time so you can get engaged to Gippy. Jasmin says that you will see now that you cannot do anything.

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Tejo is happy to see Fateh and says that thank you that you came for me. Jasmin  gets a knife and cuts her finger in front of Mami. Mami is shocked to see her bleeding. Jasmin screams and everyone comes to see her. Fateh comes and sees that Jasmin got unconscious and her finger is bleeding.

He lifts Jasmin and Tejo got shocked. Tejo goes to the hospital with Fateh and asks Satti not to worry about Jasmin. A lady sees Fateh and says that this boy loves that girl the way he lifted her. Fateh asks the nurse to call the doctor. Tejo and Gippy come there to take the doctor. The doctor checks her and says that she is fine now. Doctor asks them to take her home. Tejo holds Fateh’s hand and asks him to come with her. She says that someone trying to ruin their relationship. Fateh says that I know you are feeling bad,

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Tejo says that everything is fine and Fateh hides the thread tied on his hand. Gippy’s mom postpones the engagement which shocked Satti. Satti says that Jasmin is fine and engagement will not be postponed. Mami says come with me I need to talk. Tejo asks Jasmin how are you now.

Jasmin says that I feel bad that I ruined the function. Everyone was happy and I spoiled everything, I am sorry. Tejo says that it’s fine and Fateh says to Gippy that I should thank you as I can’t lift Jasmin alone. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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