The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with something twisting and the latest. Many fans are expecting something new in the upcoming episode. As we have seen in the previous episodes that Tejo is trying to stop Bojo’s father in the wedding and he has denied this marriage but soon, he agreed and said that he will not accept Candy in his house. Simran said that she can’t live without her son and she will not go anywhere. Now, the episode is going to take a new turn in the life of Jasmine, Fateh, and Tejo.

Udaariyaan, 28th February 2022 Written Update

Now, the latest episode begins with Nimmo who is talking with her daughter on a video call. Suddenly, Fateh passes from there and she asks him to talk to his sister. Fateh asks Kiran to come to India and she didn’t even come in the wedding of Simran. He also asks about her kids and husband.

He tells that Swarna also came into the wedding of Simran. Later, he goes from there by saying bye to her. Later, Gurpreet gives sweets to Nimmo and asks her to give this to swarn. Nimmo takes it and leaves for Chandigarh. Khusbir misses Candy and gets sad after remembering him. Gurpreet also misses him and Tejo comes there. She tries to make them laugh by Candy’s toys.

Fateh also sees this and gets happy. Khushbir thanks to Tejo for handling everything. He thinks that who called the magistrate in this wedding. Fateh reveals that Jasmine called the magistrate. Gurpreet asks why did she do this.

Fateh replies that it was her way to take revenge from them. Tejo says that Simran has been settled and they thinks that they will have to remove Amrik from her life. Jasmine gets angry after knowing that she was failed to stop the wedding of Simran.

Amrik comes to her and says that he is happy that Simran’s wedding just took place because of her. Jasmine also shouts at him and says that she didn’t want this. Later, Fateh is cleaning the scuty of Tejo.

Tejo also comes there and they gets wet. Jasmine sees this and takes an oath that she will ruin their happiness. Jasmine takes a call and goes from there. Tejo hears the voice of the phone and follows Jasmine. She hears that Jasmine is talking with someone to give money. Tejo tells everything to Fateh.

They decided to follow her and sees that she is giving money to someone. They are shocked that to whom she is giving money. Tejo takes a picture of them. On the other side, Dilraj comes while crying to the Sandhu’s house and says that everyone is talking about Tejo who is living with Fateh without getting married. After hearing this, Roopi gets angry and says that she will talk to them who is trying to insult Tejo. The Episode Ends.


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