Welcome guys, we are here available to present the perfectly written update of the most prominent daily soup, Udaariyaan. Everyone knows that the story of the show is actually going on very well in which the makers showing some exceptional turns and twists. The show has been premiered just a few months ago and working wonders on the small screens.

udaariyaan 27th september 2021 episode

The lead roles of the show are portrayed by some amazing and talented stars. Along with it, the show actually garnered lots of love and appreciation from the audience. The madness among the people to watch the full episodes and the further story of the show.

Talking about the upcoming episode of the show then it begins with Jasmin being insulted by a bunch of ladies from the NGO protesting on the roads against her. On the other hand, Tejo returns from College and the ladies say that after the insult of Fateh and Khushbeer, it’s Jasmin’s turn now.

When Sweety gets this then she asks Jasmin to stay inside the house because all the people protesting are angry at her. But, Jasmin doesn’t listen to Sweety’s advice and goes out of the house with Sweety.

When she herself sees the crowd, she is completely shocked. The crowd turned towards her and hold Jasmin. Suddenly, Tejo comes there and sees that some ladies holding Jasmin and applying black color on her face to punish her. All the ladies scold her for having an affair with her own sister’s husband.

Now, Jasmin thinks that Tejo’s words get proved as she is just another woman in Fateh’s life. Tejo had at least once expected this to happen when she get to know the truth of Fateh and Jasmin. On the other hand, Jasmin constantly trying to get rid of all the ladies who angrily pushing her and applying black color to her face.

While blackening her face, one lady says to her that her face should be blackened like her dirty deeds. Jasmin is totally shocked after facing this terrible incident with her but Tejo immediately rushes to save her sister from the ladies.

It was expected that Jasmine had called the woman to pretend to insult her in order to force Fateh to marry her. Now, the episode that will be going to air tonight will be actually highly anticipated and worth watching. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and you can watch the complete episode without any hesitation.


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