We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan in which we will get to see some twists and turns. Today’s episode starts when Jass kidnaps Fateh and plans to bring him from the house of Virk and also, he ties his hand so, he can’t run anywhere.

Udaariyaan 27th October 2021

During this, he hits Fateh brutally and she is injured with several injuries on his body but still, Jasmine doesn’t know the exploit of Jass but as soon as, she gets to know about this, she goes to meet her. She tries to make understand to Jass that he can do anything, he wants with Tejo but she will not let him do something with Fateh.

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During this time, she asks him to release Fateh soon as possible otherwise, she will take legal action against him but still, Jass denies releasing Fateh by saying that he is a strong prove between him and Tejo. So, it doesn’t matter to her but she will not leave her at any cost.

Fateh sees Jasmine with Jass. Suddenly, Jass points out a gun at Jasmine’s head and says that she will have to accept her death because now, she knows everything about him. While Fateh requests her to leave Jasmine because she did not play anything.

With all of this, Jass laughs loudly and reveals that Jasmine was the main culprit who ruined the life of Tejo because brought her again and bow, he will have to go without her.

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Fateh gets shocked after hearing all this and says that he is not ready to accept all these things. During all this, Jass says that he is living with just misunderstandings and behind the blind trust, he lost somewhere. Jasmine thinks of something but her character is totally different.

Now, Jass also reveals that she is the only one who can provide them all the information about Tejo, and thatswhy, he removed all the evidence. But Fateh is not ready to accept this because he doesn’t want to imagine that Jass did such worst exploits in her past. While Jasmine is also blaming Jass in front of Fateh by revealing that he doesn’t need to consider him at all because he is totally lying to save himself. The Episode Ends.

Now, the upcoming episode will reveal many things and Fateh will be saved by her. It will be interesting to watch in the further episode. Well, the makers did not release more promo videos regarding the further episode but soon, the official will release. We will keep updating you about every episode.


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