Get ready to watch the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan in which you will get to watch some interesting moments that amuse everyone a lot. As we already see that the show is going on very well and entertaining all the fans without any hesitation. The episode begins with Angad making Tejo wear the ring and everyone claps.

udaariyaan 27th November 2021

After that, Fateh comes and looks on, and then Tejo makes Angad wear the ring. Suddenly, Fateh cries, and then Tejo and Angad stand up and go to the elders to take blessings. Khushbeer is very happy and hugs them.

After that, Fateh thinks of Tejo and wishes her to always stay happy. He goes from there and then Sweety asks Jasmin not to take any tension. After that, Fateh comes to them and asks Sweety to give Fateh and Jasmin a space as he wants to talk to her in private.

Then, Sweety and her friends go from there and then Jasmin asks Fateh that it is their marriage and when he will get ready. She further asks if Fateh doesn’t want to marry her but he says Jasmin that she is looking very beautiful. He further says to look at his bride for two minutes.

Jasmin tells him that if he comes late, she will die. Then, Fateh asks her if she is thinking that he will run away. He further says that he fought with the entire world and family only for her and he says that they both will run together now.

She asks if he is planning a surprise for her and then she check and sees the tickets. She gets shocked after seeing her name on the tickets. After that, she asks that they both are going to Canada and then Fateh says yes, they both will be going to Canada.

Fateh says it is just a half surprise as he plans more for her. After hearing this, Jasmin says that she can’t wait for the further surprise and jumps on the bed. She asks Fateh if they both are going tomorrow. He says yes and then Jasmin thanks Fateh. Now, what will happen next is one of the biggest surprises for all the viewers.

It will be actually very interesting to watch. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming episodes.


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