Again, we are back with one more interesting written update of everyone’s favorite daily soup, Udaariyaan. As we already know that the show is highly anticipated and mesmerizing that always bringing the heat all around the country. The upcoming episode begins with Tejo slipping down and she calls out Jasmin. Fateh gets shocked and says how did she come here.

Udaariyaan 27th August 2021

Now, they both are shocked after hearing Tejo’s voice and Fateh asks Jasmin did she locked the door. Jasmin replies that she locked the door and she doesn’t know how she comes inside. Fateh tells her to hide him somewhere.

On the other hand, Tejo calls Jasmin out and Fateh says Jasmin to go out and stop Tejo outside. Then Jasmin goes to Tejo and she asks her how did she fall down. Tejo replies that some oil has been fallen there and she slipped after stepping on it. After that Jasmin recalls the moment when she drops the bottle of oil and thinks Fateh will be her forever.

They both enter the room but Jasmin gets angry after seeing that Fateh isn’t in the room. Fateh jumps down the window and then Tejo says she keeps the room very well.

After that, Jasmin makes Tejo sit on the bed, and then Tejo asks her for water. Then, Fateh gets inside his car and drives off. Tejo hears the sound of the car and goes to the window and then she thinks the car look likes Fateh’s car. On the other hand, Fateh recalls Tejo’s words. Jasmin comes and gives water to Tejo and asks her if she is fine. Tejo says yes, and then she tells her to take a rest and asks why did she keep the doors open. Then, Jasmin says she had shut the doors but doesn’t know how it remains open.

Then, Tejo applying oil to her hair and Jasmin thinks that she wishes Tejo had seen Fateh. After that, Jasmin asks her to apply oil on her hair but Tejo says she does it herself at the home as well. On the other hand, Fateh stops the car and thinks about how did Tejo come there.

He thinks to call Jasmin once, and when he looks for the phone, then he sees that Jasmin has his phone. Now, what will happen next will be highly anticipated and engaging a ton of people to watch it. Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM and everyone is eager to see the full episode.


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