The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Angad who is talking to someone about Tejo and says that he saw Tejo and he is sure about her. He says that he saw Tejo and how could she save in the fire? He is confused and wants to clear himself who is she and if she is Tejo so, how could she save herself? On the other side, Virk and Sandhu family is waiting for the election result and want to know who will win? Roopi’s mother says that it is happy to see Roopi as he got busy in the election otherwise, she was thinking about Tejo.


Another side, Angad follows Tejo and says that he will have to find the truth behind this. Another side, Roopi and Khushbir hears the news and wait to know the result. Everyone gets shocked after hearing that the election was won by Rupinder Sandhu. Everyone gets happy after learning that Roopi won the election. While Angad is still following Tejo and she finds that someone is following her. She turns but Angad hides. Everyone in the Roopi family gets happy while, Khushbir Virk gets shocked.

While, Angad losses Tejo and suddenly, Tejo slaps him from behind and says why is he following her? Angad takes Tejo’s name and Tanya says that he is crazy and leaves him. Tejo takes her bag and goes from there. Another side, Jasmine, and Fateh talks to each other and Fateh asks her to wait for a while as everything is going well. Jasmine says how can she wait? Angad tries to follow her but Tanya asks him not to follow her otherwise, she will call the cops.

Everyone appreciates Roopi outside the election office and he says that he wants to thank every people of Moka. Another side, party members of Khushbir says that they will have to count the votes once again as there is something wrong. Fateh asks Khusbir to continue to help others as he does always. While Tejo works in the cafe. Her friend says that her client love to see her smile. Tanya tells her friend that someone was stalking her and she teaches a good lesson to him. She says that she even doesn’t know him. Tanya says that she is the only one in the world and remains.

Tanya’s friend says that she loves herself. On the other side, Tejo’s college introduces an award to Fateh which is the “Tejo’s Award”. Roopi comes on the stage to give the award to Fateh and Roopi gives him the award. Fateh says that because of Tejo, he is standing here and she took him here back. He appreciates Tejo for everyone and says that she is a blessing for everyone. The Episode Ends.


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