Many fans are waiting to watch the next episode of Udaariyaan and the daily viewers are eagerly waiting to watch the latest episode of the serial. Now, the latest written update of the serial is about to appear and we are going to share about today’s episode. Now, the latest episode begins with Bojo who tells Fateh that God wrote something else for him. Jasmine sees this and thinks that if Bojo will tell everything to him so, it will spoil Fateh and Tejo’s life. Jasmine sees everything from the window and suddenly, Roopi comes there but doesn’t find Fateh.

Udaariyaan 26th March 2022 Written Update

Roopi goes from there and says that he will break his tent and him as well. Jasmine comes to Bojo and asks him to get up before Fateh comes there. She says that the cab driver didn’t come yet and she listen to the honk. Jasmine tells the driver to drop him at the location. In the morning, Angad eats food with Roopi’s family and says that he will always come here to eat aachar. He sees Tejo and asks her to have some food with them.

Tejo tells him that she and Jasmine is going to Gurudwara. Angad thinks that Jasmine is just doing a drama to help Tejo and Jasmine thinks that he always comes where Tejo exists and she will have to keep her eyes on him. Roopi says that he is completing his food and he also wants to go to Gurudwara with them. Satti says that they both can go alone and they will go at any time soon. Angad says that he is going office and can drop them to the Gurudwara. Later, Tejo sees Fateh outside the house and ignores after thinking that she swears to her father and will not see or talk to Fateh.

He thinks that why is she ignoring him? He thinks that she is not looking at her and going with Angad. Tejo asks Angad to go and Tejo sees him from the side mirror. Fateh sees a priest and thinks that is why the priest came here. He knocks the door and Roopi comes there. The priest gives kundali of Fateh and Tejo to Roopi. He get to know that if they will get married so, one of them will die.

He gets shocked after seeing this and further, he put pressure on Tejo to stay away from Fateh. Along with this, his family asks him for the harsh treatment towards Fateh. They asks him to open his eyes and see the pain of Fateh and Tejo as they are going throught this time. Roopi tells about the reality of Kundali and everyone gets shocked. Jasmine also sees this and gets shocked equally. The Episode Ends.


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