Today, we are going to talk about one of the most anticipated daily soups that bringing the heat all around the country. Yes, we are talking about Udaariyaan because it is the only show that collecting much love from the audience. The upcoming episode begins with Nimmo says Tejo disappeared or maybe she left.

Udaariyaan 25th September 2021

After hearing this, Rupy says she cares for the family before herself. The reality is Tejo is locked and no one knows this. Khushbeer thinks where did Tejo go. Suddenly, Minister says to Fateh to call his wife as the minister has to go. Fateh says just two minutes.

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On the other hand, Tejo knocking the door and Jasmin thinks it’s showtime for Mrs. Virk. Dilraj asks someone to help him. Suddenly, Jasmin sees Khurana and he recalls Fateh and her together. He says Jasmin that everyone is calling her there. Jasmin denies him but he says don’t be shy and when everyone sees her, they are shocked.

Khurana asks Fateh to take his wife and then Minister asks Fateh to go and get her. In the next scene, viewers will see that Tejo gets a bat there and she break the glass to shout. She suddenly sees Dilraj and asks him to open the door fast.

After that, Dilraj asks the guy to get someone and he tries to break the lock through hockey. On the other hand, Fateh goes and holds Jasmin’s hand and the lady asks if she is Fateh’s wife. She further says that she met someone else at the home but Khurana says she is Fateh’s wife. The door opens and Dilraj asks her who locked her in this room but Tejo did not know who the guy locked her. Tejo suddenly says him that she has to go on the stage immediately.

In the next scene, we can see that Minister says they need such a couple who walk and live together to encourage the youth. Everyone starts clapping for them and Tejo and Dilraj come there. Suddenly, Tejo comes on the stage and she is just about to say something but she sees Jasmin there. Jasmin thinking how did she come here.

Minister asks about Tejo to Fateh. Khushbeer says she is Fateh’s wife. Now, everyone is confused and worried about the situation. It will be actually very interesting to watch complete tonight’s episode of Udaariyaan as it will surely be impressive and superb.


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