Television is one of the most entertaining and popular industries not in India but all over the world. Udaariyaan is one of the most popular shows in the television industry in India. This television drama romance is an Indian television drama series that comes on Colors tv. The story of this serial is from Punjab. There are three highlighted characters, in particular, show Tejo Kaur Sandhu, Jasmine Kaur Sandhu as well as Fateh Singh Virk.

Udaariyaan 25th May 2022

Tejo is leading the role of a mature lady and he nature is very caring as well as is a responsible lecturer. She wants to see her career as a Physiology Professor. Where another person in this show Jasmine Sandhu is an immature person this show. She wants to go and live in Canada. Fateh Singh Virk is leading a role of a boxer and he is a national-level boxer. Virk is in love with Jasmine and he always thinks about Jasmine and he wants to tie the knot with her.

In the upcoming episode of this show, Fateh went to a park for his fitness. Later Tejo also went to the same place. When they both see each other they both are in shock and Fateh says to Tejo what she is doing here and why she is following him. Firstly he answer he is doing jogging and secondly, she answers in a funny manner and said that she is cooking “Parothe.”

Tejo replies to him and said that she is very aware of her fitness and she can not compromise her fitness that is why she is here as well as she says to him it is not your private property, there is no need to take permission to you, and the landlord of this area is Sambhu Nath Sidhu.

He says to her that Tejo did not use to come to the park and why she is coming to the park. She says that she can do marshal acts and boxing as well as punches. He says that if she can do these things so why she is here. He says to her, please say to her parents that she is not interested in these things, she answers that all the possible steps have been taken by her. She also makes Fateh remembers that Tejo loved to go college, and he also remembers his old memories with her. This episode will be broadcast on Color’s TV at 7:00 PM IST.


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