The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan begins with Tejo who is sitting with Fateh and says that if her father will not marry her to him. Fateh says that she loves a boxer and will remain until a knockout. Suddenly, they both are covered by a chunni and Roopi sees this. He gets angry and shouts Tejo’s name. Roopi gets angry and kicks the board. Angad comes there and Fateh asks for an apology. Roopi shouts at him. He asks Fateh to leave the place and he continuously asks apology to him and I will not think wrong about Tejo and has been changed.


Roopi says that he is asking him to believe on the snake as he will not bite him. He asks him to leave and Fateh says that he can’t separate them and they truly love each other even God can never separate us. Tejo cries and goes with Roopi inside the house. Fateh turns and sees Angad there. Roopi gets anrgy over her and she tells that she just went to help him or nothing else. Angad says that her daughter always helps other and Roopi replies because of this, anyone can take advantage of her.

Roopi says that Angad is a good man and Fateh is a cheater and she thinks that he loves her. Roopi says that I know I can’t stop Fateh but I can talk to Tejo and takes her hand over his head and he says swear one me, she will neither go to him nor talk to him. Tejo replies that she can do this for his happiness and will not break their happiness. She cries and goes from there.

Later, Satti asks to him that why is he doing this. Roopi says that he is doing this for just Tejo. Another side, Tejo locks her door and cries. Jasmine asks Bebe not to worry about this and cuts the call. Jasmine thinks that everything is happening because of her and she can’t see this. Amrik consoles her and she receives Bojo’s call but lies to him that Sweety is calling her. Bojo says that he is worried about Fateh.

Tejo thinks that she can’t see Fateh’s face and Roopi assumes that everyone is thinking that he is wrong but he knows he is not wrong and Fateh can keep his daughter happy. Soon, everyone will believe that he did right and Forgive him Tejo. Jasmine says that why did she take swear of Roopi and because of this, she can’t even meet Fateh and sees him. Tejo says that she knows what can she do? She calls Angad and asks him to meet her tomorrow.

Another side, Satti asks Roopi why does he always call Angad to the house and he replies that he just came for business. Satti says that she can understand everything. The Episode Ends.


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