The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Simran who shouts at Bojo’s father and says that she is not a dirty girl and he says that he is not mad in love that he will let his son married to that depraved girl. Bojo says that he should understand this but his father doesn’t want to get them married.

Udaariyaan 25th February 2022

His father says that he will only decide that to whom he will spend his entire life or not. Bojo asks his mother to make him understand but she says that she has the same decision as his father. Suddenly, Tejo sits on her knee and asks him to stop.

Suddenly, Bojo’s father is about to slap her but Fateh comes in the middle. Uncle says that she lied to his family and made him understand. Uncle also alleges Simran’s father that he was also involved in this matter. Tejo asks him not to say anything to him.

Papa Ji says that if she know about this so why did she not tell him? Tejo says that she thinks that they both are closed and couldn’t say anything. Tejo says that everyone was happy when they met Simran after a long time. She couldn’t break the feelings of the family.

Khusbeer says that there is only his mistake who couldn’t understand his family. Bojo says that he loves her a lot and can’t live without her. Uncle shouts at his son and asks him to stop. Fateh comes in the middle and asks him not to leave the place. Uncle says that he has not valued and insults Fateh. Once again, Bojo’s father says that he can’t take Simran and dirty blood to his house. Suddenly, Fateh asks him to keep calm unless.

Tejo says that she says sorry on behalf of her. Bojo’s father says that he doesn’t want anyone sorry. Everyone requests to him and says that his son loves her a lot and he will not happy without her. Tejo says that Simran is a very good girl and accepts her after forgetting this.

Later, Khusbeer asks them to stop and on the other side, Jasmine is about to go but Tejo stops her. They both argue with each other. Tejo says that today, Bojo and Simran will get married in this mandap. Simran cries and Tejo supports her. Tejo goes from there and Jasmine says that from today, she will not be worthy to make promises.

On the other side, Khusbeer takes his turban down in front of Bojo’s Father. He cries and requests him to stop. He says that he is the only one who can stop this. On the other side, Jasmine gets juice. The Episode Ends.


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