Today, we are going to talk about one of the most prominent daily soups, Udaariyaan. Now, it will be actually very interesting to watch what will happen next in the upcoming episode. Yes, the story of the show is already going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot.

Udaariyaan today's 25th December 2021

Many people continuously watch every episode of the show because they want to know the upcoming story that the makers trying to show to their viewers. Already lots of turns and twists take place to the simple going story and it becomes very crispier for the audience to get a perfect pack of entertainment.

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The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will begin with Jasmin also using the same tactic to implicate Angad, as he tangles lawyer Bhatia’s clients. She meets Angad in disguise and gets her images clicked with him. Angad does not recognize Jasmin. Later, she meets the shutterbug, who gives her pictures, which she clicked at the club.

She wants to help Riya’s grandmother win the custody case so that Angad loses Riya and splits up with Tejo as well. On the other hand, Jasmin can’t see Tejo happy with Angad, and Riya and Fateh decide to leave the life of Tejo.

Later, he decides to go to another city and then reaches the bus stop to board the bus. Suddenly, he hears the voice of Jasmin who is yelling at the photographer. He turns to see her and finds Jasmin speaking to the boy. He wonders what Jasmin is doing in Rampur.

He gets stressed that she is behind Tejo’s bliss. Fateh stops to discover Jasmin’s actions and protect Tejo. Now, the upcoming episode will unveil some big twists and turns as the makers will never let the TRP pin down. It will be surely very exciting to watch what will happen next.

Yes, tonight’s Udaariyaan episode will come with some great moments in which Fateh sees Jasmin and get to know that she also does not visit Canada and stays there to take revenge from Tejo. Now, Fateh is also ready to stay to protect Tejo from Jasmin’s evil plans and activities.

The ensuing episode will hold some entertaining moments in which all the viewers will entertain very much. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM and you just need to stay on the channel on time to watch the further story.


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