One of the trending shows of ColorsTV, Udaariyaan has gained a massive fan following in the recent days after the show has been changed totally. As we have seen in the last few episodes that the story of Tejo and Fateh has finished but something twisting will be seen in the latest episodes where Tejo will be back once again. Well, six months have passed and now, the Sandhu family is planning a ritual for Tejo as she has gone from the world. Fateh decides to visit the rituals as he remembers the last wish of Tejo that she wants to see both families together.


Now, the upcoming episode of the show begins with Amrik who meets Jasmine in the house and assures Jasmine that he will come soon to take her away from everyone. Maybe, they both are planning to run away for a lifetime as they both want to live together but their families are against this. Along with this, the day of the election results comes and we see how Khusbir feels tensed as he is going to lose this election. Well, the hints of the serial show that the election has been won by Roopi.

If Roopi will win this election so, once again, a major crack will take place between the two families. Along with this, it will be also seen how Amrik and Jasmine will plan to run away for their honeymoon to London. When they reach the city and find that Tejo is alive. Jasmine calls to Fateh and reveals to him that Tejo is alive and she is in London. He takes the first flight of London in search of Tejo.

Well, there are some updates coming out that Angad will die in London and Karan V Grover will take his place. Before Angad’s death, there was a major fight between Fateh and Angad. Here are lots of things to unveil in the upcoming episode because it will be interesting to know why did Angad do this with Tejo and Fateh? What were his real intentions behind this mishap?

Fans are eagerly waiting to know what will happen next? Will Tejo and Fateh get reunite or something wrong will happen between them? Maybe, it will take much time to Tejo to understand that she mistook everything and her intentions for Fateh and Jasmine were wrong. So, get ready to watch the next episode of the show tonight?


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