The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Tejo who bought some things for everyone in Virk’s family. Tejo also bought for Fateh’s mother. Fateh comes there and sees everyone’s happiness. He thinks that everyone is a little happy right now and he goes out of his house after he reads Jasmine’s message. He asks her to go inside but Jasmine denies and says that they will feel upset if they will see her. Fateh forcibly takes her inside the house and Jasmine says that she has to talk to her.


Another side, Fateh’s mother says that Jasmine should never come back to this house as she was the reason of her son’s death. She doesn’t want to accept her and she is free now. She adds that there is no space in this house for those who were the reason of her son’s death. Jasmine hears everything and Fateh promises her that he will bring her back to this house soon. Bebe calls Fateh and asks him to come back. Jasmine feels upset out of Virk’s house and thinks that she is pregnant and will become Amrik’s son’s mother.

Jasmin says that she will never accept her but what will happen with the child who is here now. Another side, Tai Ji goes in Tejo’s room and finds that Jasmine is sleeping in the house. She says where is that witch. Suddenly, Tejo comes there and she is scared. Tai Ji leaves her room and thinks that she is a witch because her way of seeing is different. Tejo and Fateh meet in the park and see each other. They ask each other what is she doing here.

Fateh says that Tejo didn’t do this but Tanya says that she can’t leave this. She says that everyone is behind her and that they are forcing her to go to college. Tanya says that she understood that Tejo loves college. Another side, Roopi asks about Tejo, and Satti says that she went jogging. Sandhu says that she never does this but today, she goes. Roopi says that he wants to make juice for Tejo.

On the other side, Fateh and Tanya come into a heated argument. Tanya says that Jasmine has changed totally and before, they were following her in London but now, they have changed. Fateh says that he will talk to Jasmine. Sandhu’s family gets happy with each other and Jasmine comes there. She is about to tell her about her pregnancy but she couldn’t say anything. The Episode Ends.


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