The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh and Tejo where Tejo is scolding him after he set up a tent in front of his house. Fateh says that her father will get to know that how much he loves his daughter and he will definitely take his daughter back. Tejo says that it doesn’t affect her father and he will not agree after this. Tejo says that she can’t see him like this and tries to spread everything but he stops her. He says that he can tolerate everything but will not lose. He says at least she is with him.


He is not going to move from here. Another side, the priest tells the way to remove this tragedy from their life. Tejo says that it hurts when she sees him like this. He says that he is like Arjun who was looking at Fish’s eye and he is looking at her. He confesses his love once again for her. Fateh loves her madly. While Jasmine is talking about this matter, Angad sees this and thinks that what is happening there? He says that he will have to keep his eyes on them.

Tejo is continuously thinking about Fateh and says that from where he will eat. Jasmine cooks food for the poor. While Tejo’s family packs food for Fateh and tells Bojo to give this to Fateh but he says that he will not take this. When Fateh is cooking something for himself, he hurts and Tejo shouts his name. She shows nothing happened with him. They look at each other and smile.

Roopi comes to his home back and Roopi ignores him. Fateh joins hands seeing Roopi and he says that he will see how much will he stay here. Bojo and Amrik come to Fateh and ask him to touch this food so, they can feed this to the poor. At the temple, Jasmine is waiting for Bojo and when he comes there, he feeds blinds people. They pray for them. Later, Tejo’s mother gives a tiffin box to Tejo and asks her to give food to Fateh.

They go and suddenly see Roopi there. He thinks that he will have to finish this drama and have to do something. He also thinks about Tejo’s words. Roopi thinks that Angad is a diamond and Fateh is a stone. Roopi calls Angad and invites him to their house. Tejo makes a plan and involves everyone in the house. Bojo takes food for him and says that he will not eat this. Everyone in the house plays music and Roopi goes inside the house and asks the reason of their celebration. The Episode Ends.


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