Welcome to know more information related to the most anticipated television daily soup named Udaariyaan. As all of us know that the show is actually going on very well and entertaining everyone by introducing many fabulous episodes on daily basis. The madness among the audience is very high and millions of people are eager to watch the exceptional turns and twists that will be going to happen in the upcoming episode.

Udaariyaan 24th July 2021 Written Update

So, the episode begins with Fateh appearing sad and seeing the pendant. Jasmin says that she is worried for Tejo and Fateh as well but she has no right to worry for them as everyone misunderstands her.

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She further says that only you can understand me and also she is really worried about her sister. After hearing all this, Amrik says that her heart is clean and this is the main reason behind her situation that she is worried about those people who broke her heart. Jasmin is eager to find them as she wants to know if they are fine. After that, Amrik says that they should leave as they both are out of the house for an entire night and if Jasmin’s family knows this then another scene will be created.

In the next scene, viewers will see that Fateh and Tejo will go to drink tea at a tea stall. They both have tea and Tejo shows some care for Fateh by cools the hot tea for him. She tastes the tea and says that now it’s fine to drink and Fateh is just looking at her. Fateh apologizes to Tejo as he forced her for an outing but they both got stuck there.

But, Tejo says that it is nice as there is camp, rain, farmhouse, and she smiles at having such a good time with Fateh. She added that she will never forget all this and asks Fateh then he nods.

After that, she further says every journey leaves some unforgettable stories behind, and then she holds Fateh’s arms and rests on his shoulder. Fateh is still holding the pendant in his hand. Then they both come back home and Tejo takes a bath. After that, she happily dances thinking of Fateh and the moments that they both spend with each other.

She thinks that Fateh is also missing her a lot in the same way as she is missing him. Now, the story of the show clearly shows that the upcoming episode will be going to heats up the entire atmosphere by adding some crisp of romantic and beautiful moments. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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