The most prominent daily soup, Udaariyaan is all set to entertain everyone. If you want to watch the upcoming episode then you just need to stay connected to Colors TV. The show will be going to entertain everyone all over the country.


We know that many people are going crazy to see the upcoming turns and twists that will heat up the intact environment. If you are eager to watch the full episode that will be going to air on the television tonight then you don’t need to wait for more. The makers are ready with a very great episode to entertain the audience.

The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan starts with Fateh and Jasmin. Fateh warns Jasmin to stop intimidating her brother. Jasmin laughs at Fateh and says that Fateh is feeling more scared as Amrik will get a death sentence or life imprisonment. She goes on to say that she reminded him that Fateh was a time after her.

Fateh regrets that time and says that he wants to kill him. Kushbeer breaks down feeling ashamed of Jasmin’s actions. Fateh says that Amrik could have died. Jasmin says that this time Amrik is saved, if they do not accept his conditions, he will not survive.

She says if they agree on their terms everything will be fine. Fateh refused to be scared of him and accepted his condition. Jasmin says that her entire family is fearful and makes fun of Fateh by saying that Gurpreet will beg her to save Amrik. Fateh says he wants to anticipate the future, he will tell her what will happen the next day.

Jasmin looks confused. The next morning, Tejo ensures Gurpreet that they will find a resolution. Tejo gets ready to go. Simran asks Tejo to meet Kushbeer before going. She further says that Kushbeer has just told to her lawyer.

Fateh tells Kushbeer that he has selected what he has to do. Kushbeer asks if he has determined to marry Jasmin. Fateh declines and says that he will take all the responsibility on him and will tell the police that he did the accident which surprised Kushbir.

Tejo overhears their discussion. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to entertain every single fan lot. So, if you want to know more information related to the upcoming match then you have to stay connected with Colors TV at 7 PM.


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